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Video marketing is more than just uploading to YouTube

As a dynamic YouTube Marketing Agency based in York, UK, we help businesses, new and established to get seen online QUICKLY! We provide Video SEO services in Yorkshire, UK and beyond.

Video marketing is more than just uploading to YouTube – your video needs to be seen – therefore it needs to rank for your ideal search terms – and this is what we do – we deliver video optimisation for businesses who want to be found online.

Combining engaging, quality content with comprehensive video search engine optimisation strategies for 1st page and often 1st position ranking results. 

We are not talking YouTube adverts – we are focused on great video content that ranks on the 1st page of Google and YouTube. This way we are reaching your audience when they are searching for your services and products. With the correct content and messages, your offer becomes irresistible to your target market – and YouTube video marketing makes that happen.


Of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products


Of consumers claim a video helps them make a purchasing decision


Of consumers actually make a purchase after watching branded social videos

Do you need video in your business?

Videos account for almost 80% of all internet traffic and is shared 12X more than all other posts combined – do you need video in your business? How can you not?

Video is more entertaining, more memorable and results in more clicks and conversions. It is more easily shared and is fantastic on mobile for building your brand awareness and reaching your ideal client. According to the Digital Marketing Institute & WordStream: 

  • 80% of all internet traffic is video

  • 2 Billion monthly YouTube users

  • 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose videos

    - If text and video show up in search results, which would you choose?

  • 81 % of businesses are now using video for marketing

  • But only 9% use YouTube

  • This probably isn't for you if ...

    You don't see value in ongoing marketing.

    Or if you already have more work than you can accommodate.

    Or if you don't see the value of video to your business

    Video is entertaining, engaging &

    has huge potential

    Video is easy to share across multiple platforms, it’s easy to digest, entertaining and engaging, and it’s ROI can be huge.

    Our videographers know the methods and techniques to keep your audience watching and engaged, and our Video SEO strategists use all the available tools and methods to ensure your video ranks highly in SERPs. 

    As Google owns, YouTube, it often promotes correctly optimised video content onto the 1st page – because video is such a rich content. Either as a search result, or into the video carousel at the top of Google’s first page

  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users

  • Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs

  • Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more

  • Having a video on a landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of the SERP

  • An initial email with a video receives an increase click-through rate by 96%

  • Attract customers

    Get Leads & Appointments

    Ranking at the top of the search results is the hottest topic for small businesses. Google have even stated they are going to help local businesses do this in 2020 and beyond - use YouTube marketing today!

    Build your brand

    Use video to build your brand personality

    People buy people - so put yourself in front of your ideal client. Let them see you and your brand and help them get to know you.

    Showcase your services

    Video is of the moment

    Imagine your services showcased online to your ideal client. The biggest trend at the moment is video - accounting for almost 80% of all internet traffic!

    YouTube for Business Services

    Video Optimisation

    With over 47 things to get correct to optimise your video to rank at the top of YouTube, it is no wonder that great content is not always found. If you already have videos on YouTube that are not ranking for your target keywords and phrases, we can help. We will optimise your videos so you can be found online.

  • Video EDIT and optimisation

    Our videographers can take your existing video footage and edit it into an engaging and targeted video for YouTube or your website. Considering elements such as transitions, music, framing and more we will deliver a carefully crafted video. We then optimise it to rank for your ideal search terms.

    Bonus: we will also design video thumbnails as part of this service to engage your audience.

  • Video creation and optimisation

    Don’t have any video content? Don’t worry! We have various video-creation tools, software and designs to help – from animation to curated stock video footage – we can build your ideal video and will work with you to craft the perfect script. As always, this will be optimised – as your great content needs to rank in SERPs.

  • On-location shoots

    Our experienced video team can come to your business or event to capture any type of video for your business needs. Explainer videos, vox pops, event coverage, sales videos and more can all be catered for. These are then edited and refined to meet your goals. Usually, multiple videos can be captured in one correctly planned shoot, making this an efficient way to generate significant content unique to your business.

  • Channel creation and optimisation

    They are certain key elements of your YouTube channel that need to be optimised and configured to help your videos and channel appear more often in suggested searches and ‘up next’ on YouTube.

  • Video strategy

    What does your video strategy look like? Defining your goals and objectives is just the start. We also need to consider: What your ideal customers are looking for from video; Scripting and the structure your video; Developing a video series; Keyword targets; Launch schedule & social media sharing plan; and Video syndication.

  • Keyword research

    What is your ideal search phrase to be found for? Can you rank for it? We all know SEO is hard, so ensuring you target the best keywords and phrases will be crucial to your success. An essential part of any project.

  •  How Video SEO & YouTube can help grow your business

    YouTube Video SEO strategies can help you:

    · Rank at the top of search results

    · Fast-track your SEO – video SEO strategies can rank in days, not months or years!

    · Engage your audience in a personal way

    · Allow your customers to see you, get to know you, and buy into your ethos. We all know people buy people – so let them see you!

    · Increase leads, conversions and sales

    · Build your brand personality

    · Showcase your products services

    · Promote offers and deals

    · Drive more traffic to your website

    Why Marketing on YouTube is Vital for Business in 2021

    · Almost 2 Billion monthly users

    · 2nd Most used search engine to Google

    · Owned by Google and therefore videos get favoured in SERPs

    · 2nd Most visited site in the world

    · 400hours of video uploaded every minute

    · 5 Billion videos watched daily

    · Only 9% of businesses use YouTube

    · See the results for yourself

    After the edge in your marketing? VIDEO is the EDGE!

    Businesses that prioritise video in their marketing have the advantage

    · YouTube Video content is promoted By Google in search results – helping your SEO

    · Building your brand personality

    · Connecting with your audience

    Videos rank highly because they are considered rich and high quality content. Making sure your videos are optimised is key – and embed video content into your website to further drive your SEO.

    MW Digital Yorkshire

    How do we use Video SEO services to rank on page 1 for video content?

    We have identified 47 key components to optimise for Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Some of these are key and some are the final few small % which make the difference between page 2 or page 1 or at No.2/3 vs at No.1.

    Contact Matt today

    Don't Miss Out!

    If your video is already up on YouTube, you may have missed some of the most vital steps out, but even if it is, we can optimise your existing videos, manage and optimise your YouTube channel to give your brand the highest chance of ranking.

    We use other tools such as TubeBuddy and ahrefs, along with a suite of video editing and enhancing software. We use the same video software as they do in the movies – Adobe PremierPro – and although we are not attempting to make Oscar-winning movies, we have the ability to create anything you need for your brand to stand out.

    We know more and more people are watching videos online – so if your business is not delivering video content as part of your marketing, then you will be at a distinct disadvantage vs your competition. Also Google AI can scan images and videos, along with on-page elements to index and rank your video on how it best meets your audience’s searches. All these elements are to be considered if you want your great video content to rank well in Google and YouTube.

    Other factors which drive search results are:

    ·     Watch Time (as a % of total video length)

    ·     Engagement (likes, comments, shares)

    ·     First 48 hours performance

    ·     Total views

    ·     Keywords, playlists and descriptions

    Video creation & optimisation

    We can film, create and edit your ideal video and then ensure it is optimised to rank highly and reach more people

    Video marketing strategy

    From concept to creation, design, edit and promotion, we can guide you through the whole process

    Video SEO & optimisation

    We can analyse your existing videos and identify where you can improve their ranking potential as part of our video marketing services

    Video marketing syndication

    Ensuring your video is seen across multiple platforms

    Video marketing promotion

    Using our network of syndication we can ensure your content is seen across multiple channels and ranks in search engine results

    YouTube Channel management

    MW Digital Yorkshire can customise your channel and make sure it is engaging for your audience. Optimising every element so that it ranks higher on search results. Think of your YouTube channel as a TV channel or entertainment centre

    Effective strategies for video marketing SEO services include:

    · YouTube videos for views and engagement

    · Channel optimisation to create a following

    · Audience – connect with your customers and add value

    · Email campaigns – stay top of mind with your clients

    · Social Media growth and engagement – across channels

    · Promotions and New product launches

    · Improving your SEO – via video and for your website

    · Gaining top-spots in SERPs in days not months

    Benefits of YouTube Marketing agency services from MW Digital Yorkshire

    · Deliver immediate rankings on Google and search engines for your business

    · Increase leads and sales

    · Build your brand personality – building trust, credibility with a human touch

    · Brand awareness – rich video content gets your message seen and heard

    · Google loves YouTube and will boost your rankings with video

    · Easier to explain your offer and services

    · Boost your website SEO too

    · Build traffic to your website

    · Reach your viewers (customers) in their preferred format

    · Expand your social media reach

    · Easily shareable content

    Create today, rank tomorrow, build your future.

    We know you have other questions...

    Isn’t video expensive to shoot and edit?

    Full-blown 4K on-location shoots with lighting, sound and video are fantastic. However the costs involved can be prohibitive for many companies – however it does not need to be! This is where YouTube Marketing Agencies like MW Digital Yorkshire can help. We have a host of customisable video offerings to use your existing assets and video footage to combine with our animations, transitions, music and graphics expertise to create a unique video for your business – and within your budget. If you are considering the cost of video SEO agencies, then the video SEO services MW Digital Yorkshire provide can help small local businesses, professional mid-size companies up to large corporate organisations. Our skilled videographers can guide you on the best type of videos to create for YouTube to meet your goals, and also edit and create existing footage to be compelling and engaging. A YouTube video strategy for your business or agency is a key component of your marketing mix – and it is closer than you think!

    What’s the cost of Video SEO services?

    We offer some standard video creation and hosting packages, however, each business and project is often different and we can create bespoke solutions to your brief and budget. You may want your Channel creating or managing and optimising, or perhaps you want to target certain keywords and phrases with a select number of videos.

    We will work with you to identify the key elements to secure quality views to boost your ranking, but importantly tailor your video so that it converts. All marketing should deliver a ROI and with video we can guide you through the key steps to ensure your ideal viewers take action.

    How does YouTube video marketing convert more leads?

    One of the biggest advantages of YouTube marketing campaigns is that you can see a direct ROI. By putting a unique link with your video, you can see exactly how many leads this generates.

    Not only can you talk direct to your viewers and share offers, you can add text and links into your video, plus add these links into your description – so customers are only ever one click away from your offer.

    What is your video vision for your business?

    Talk to us to make your YouTube for small business dreams a reality and benefit from the power of video.

    Video will give your business the edge.

    Create today, rank tomorrow, build your future.